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About the Symposium



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Research Poster Presentations

Zeynep Aksoz, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Lancelot Coar, University of Manitoba
James Forren, Dalhousie University
Adam Francey, University of Waterloo
Parisa Hassanzadegan, University of Waterloo
Thibaut Houette, University of Akron
Luke Kimmerer, University of Waterloo
Brian Lilley, Dalhousie University
Daiwei Lin, University of Waterloo
Brandon Mechtley, Arizona State University
Lingheng Meng, University of Waterloo
Richard Mui, University of Waterloo
Nima Navab, Concordia University
Michael Palumbo, York University
Ala Roushan, OCAD University
Soo Woo, University of Waterloo

Paper Presentations

Open Boundaries and Expanded Dimensions

Simone Ferracina, University of Edinburgh
Alexander Webb, University of New Mexico
Barbara Imhof, LIQUIFIER Systems Group GmbH
Douglas MacLeod, Athabasca University
J. Eric Mathis, Institute for Regenerative Design and Innovation
Colin Talaba, Independent Design Researcher

Subtle Phenomena and Expanded Perception

Catie Newell, University of Michigan
Salavador Breed, Poul Holleman and Paul Oomen, 4DSOUND
Michael Awad, Artist, Architect and Independent Academic
Navid Navab, Concordia University
Robert Bean, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Alan Macy, Biopac Systems Inc.

Making Vibrant Matter

Maria Paz Gutierrez, University of California, Berkeley
Martyn Dade-Robertson, Newcastle University
Neil Forrest, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Dana Cupkova, Carnegie Mellon University
Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Tim Miller, Ross Stevens, Bernard Guy, Victoria University of Wellington
Petra Gruber, University of Akron
Michael Fox and Juintow Lin, FoxLin Architects
Andrew Wit, Temple University

Hybrid Nature

Carole Collet, Central Saint Martins, UAL
Phil Ayres, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE and New York University
Andrew Kudless, California College of the Arts

Synthetic Cognition

Dana Kulić, Monash University
Matias del Campo, University of Michigan
Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield, OCAD U and York University
Matt Gorbet, Gorbet Design Inc.
Thomas Jaśkiewicz, TU Delft
Brandon Mechtley, Julian Stein, Todd Ingalls,
Connor Rawls and Sha Xin Wei, Synthesis, Arizona State University

Kinetic Architectures

Henriette Bier, TU Delft
Axel Kilian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vera Parlac, University of Calgary
Manuel Kretzer, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

Past and Future Living Architecture

Sarah Bonnemaison, Dalhousie University
Colin Ellard, University of Waterloo
Mark-David Hosale, York University
Val Rynnimeri, University of Waterloo
Ellen Hlozan and Matthew Spremulli Autodesk Technology Center
Michael Stacey, The Bartlett School of Architecture
JD Talasek, National Academy of Sciences