Symposium Schedule

March 2

OCAD University

9:00am   Auditorium 230
Open Boundaries & Expanded Dimensions

Metabolic Design
Towards Radical Co-authorships
Simone Ferracina, University of Edinburgh

Would You Like to Wake up From This Dream?
Yes, I’m Terrified
An Argument for a Machinic REM
Alexander Webb, University of New Mexico & European Graduate School

Space Architecture
Barbara Imhof,  LIQUIFER Systems Group

Living Infrastructure
Douglas MacLeod, RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University

Bioregional Innovation Lab
A Brief Sketch of the Coming Restoration Economy
J. Eric Mathis, Institute for Regenerative Design and Innovation &
European Graduate School

Applying 3D Scanning and 360° Technologies to
Complex Physical Environments
Codrin Talaba, Independent Design Researcher

10:30am   Reid Room

10:45am   Auditorium 230
Hybrid Nature

Botanical Fur
Carole Collet, Central Saint Martins UAL

flora robotica
Investigating a Living Bio-Hybrid Architecture
Phil Ayres, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Monarch Sanctuary
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE and NYU

Wild & Domestic
Architecture and the Nonhuman
Andrew Kudless, California College of the Arts

Sensibilities of Artificial Intelligence
An Examination of Architecture in a Posthuman Design Ecology
Matias del Campo, University of Michigan

12:15pm   Auditorium 230

Envisioning the Internet of Things
Katy Börner with Andreas Bueckle, Indiana University

1:15pm   Auditorium 230
LASG General Meeting

2:30pm   Auditorium 230
Kinetic Architectures

Design-to-Robotic-Production and Operation
Henriette Bier, TU Delft

Embodied Computation and Autonomous Architectural Robots
Axel Kilian, MIT

Soft Kinetics
Vera Parlac, University of Calgary

Manuel Kretzer, Anhalt University of Applied Science

Attuning Matter
Dana Cupkova, Carnegie Mellon University

3:45pm   Reid Room

4:15pm   Auditorium 230
Past & Future Living Architecture

Exploring Organicism
Sarah Bonnemaison, Dalhousie University

The Universal Human Attraction to Vitality
Colin Ellard, University of Waterloo

Worldmaking as Techné
Participatory Art, Music, and Architecture
Mark-David Hosale, York University

Sketches of Tectonic Culture
Michael Stacey, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Form from Process
Jekabs Zvilna and Integrative Form-Languages
Val Rynnimeri, University of Waterloo

Autodesk Technology Centers & Residency Program
Ellen Hlozan and Matthew Spremulli, Autodesk Technology Center

The Future of the World Depends on Us Being Better Collaborators
JD Talasek, National Academy of Sciences

6:30pm   Transfer to LASG Studio

7:00pm   LASG Studio
LASG Studio Dinner Reception

8:00pm   LASG Studio
4DSOUND Studio Presentation

8:15pm   LASG Studio
LASG Studio Reception

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