Aesop, 880 Queen Street West

Toronto, CAN  2019

Aletheia was a spherical sculpture installed at the Aesop Queen Street West, Toronto storefront for the 2019 Toronto Design Festival. The installation featured a suspended double-layered shell of spines, fronds and densely massed glasswork, outlined by a halo-like membrane made of thin white mylar. The shell structure was connected by delicate filaments of material, similar to the natural structures of double-shelled cranial bones and other skeletal forms. The underlying geometry of a truncated icosahedron guided this structure. Aletheia demonstrated the structural stability that can be forged out of expanded, lace-like materials. The project’s namesake, Aletheia, is an ancient Greek goddess who embodies the nourishing of truth through transparency.

LASG Studio

Philip Beesley
Gabriella Bevilacqua
Timothy Boll
Jonathan Gotfryd
Nikola Miloradovic
Peter Wang


Shelly Adramovic
Marwa Al-Saqqar
Domenic Anania
Ozlem Bektas
Stephen Bell
Cristy Chan
Chelsea Chisim
Isabel Delaney
Raavi Dhillon
Luca Fogolini
Maxine Gaa
Bryan Huck
Kelvin Jok
Lila Nguyen
Sanjana Patel
Sharanka Prince
Tamara Roginsky
Miranda Shou
Matea Skenderija
Zeljka Skenderija
Shreeya Takoor
Adriana Valencia
Evan Yue
Melissa Zhang
Lisa Zhao