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Can the buildings that we live in come alive? Could such living buildings help us to create a healthier, more sustainable future? Could they become adaptive, resilient structures that care for the planet while empathizing, comforting and inspiring us? The Living Dialogs podcast brings together scholars and thinkers to collectively reflect on living architecture and its implications for our changing world.

In each episode, guests and listeners are invited to reflect on prompts designed to encourage thoughtful, in-depth discussion. You are invited to contribute your own thoughts and questions, which may be taken up at a live webinar with the same guests a couple of weeks following each episode’s release.

This extended format is born of our belief that knowledge creation is also a collaborative and living endeavor. That meaning is not simply created through the exchange of information but that ideas are formed through open and emergent conversations. These conversations are meant to push living architecture forward, in real time, through a collective grappling with ideas that can help articulate pathways to the future we wish to create.

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Living Dialogs, Episode 1: Principles, Sustainability, and Aesthetics of Living Architecture.

With Jenny Sabin, Mitchel Joachim, Philip Beesley

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March 15, 2021

In this episode, world-renowned architects and designers Jenny Sabin, Mitchell Joachim, and Philip Beesley consider the Core Principles, Aesthetics, and Sustainability of living architecture.


Supported by:

  • Toolbox Dialogue Initiative
  • Michigan State University Center for Interdisciplinarity

In each Living Dialogs episode, guests and listeners are offered a number of prompts for reflection.  In this episode, the prompts considered by the guests are listed below.  We encourage you to spend some time considering them, and leave us your thoughts or questions on the prompts or on living architecture more generally.  Then, join us a couple of weeks following the episode release for a live webinar with the same guests, during which some of your thoughts and questions may be taken up for further discussion.  The webinar will also include a live Q&A portion.

Note: comments are moderated, so there may be some delay on submission.

  1. The living architecture community has identified clear principles for what qualifies as living architecture.
  2. The primary goal of living architecture should be to engineer sustainable living.
  3. Within living architecture, utility should be prioritized over aesthetics.

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