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About this podcast About this podcast About this podcast About this podcast The project includes an immersive distributed soundscape developed in collaboration with the Netherlands-based group 4DSOUND. Alongside the sculpture, a Meander STEAM curriculum foregrounds a space where young learners can engage in a collaborative web of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to playfully form new solutions for sustainable technology and design. The interpretative exhibit invites visitors to view detailed visualizations of the interactive systems within the sculpture and includes prototype samples and videography documenting the development of the work.

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Episode 2: What is Living Architecture?

With Jenny Sabin, Mitchel Joachim, Philip Beesley

15:00 |

February 17, 2021

Sensors embedded within the environment signal the presence of occupants, and send ripples of light, motion, and sound through the system in response. Software is organized in clusters of interconnected groups that can communicate with neighboring groups resulting in global behavior connections throughout the system. The second layer of sensors provides ‘proprioception,’ internal sensing. Like the human body’s ability to know its actions, this layer of information provides each cluster of mechanisms with details about the activity happening within its local structure. By using this constantly-cycling information, the systems can adapt their behavior and form new responses. By creating artificial environments that can learn, this research might help develop new mutual relations and healthy exchanges with urban environments.

Meander incorporates sculpted sound, created in collaboration with composer Salvador Breed and lead software developer Poul Holleman of 4DSOUND. The composition for this environment is based on the concept of abiogenesis – life springing from inorganic material. The composition is carried within arrays of custom speakers embedded throughout the environment, making constantly-shifting sound that responds to visitors.


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