J. Eric Mathis

Ph.D Student

European Graduate School

Making a name for himself by spearheading what is considered by many the most advanced coal transition strategy in the United States along with being a part of the core team that successfully launched the hemp industry across the United States through the 2014 Farm Bill, J. Eric Mathis has been at the forefront of Regional & Urban Design strategies throughout the southeast with a specific focus on regenerative design and innovation. During his 15+ year career in applied sustainability, Mr. Mathis has been a part of and/or spearheaded numerous national movements including launching one of the first Renewable Energy Initiatives in the U.S. (2007), playing an important role in linking coal-dependent communities to the Green Jobs Movement in collaboration with former White House special advisor for Green Jobs Van Jones (2008), co-designing an award-winning coal-transition model called Sustainable Williamson that was centered around linking economic/entrepreneurial development to health & wellness with a specific focus on Social Determinants of Health (2012), and was a part of the core team that successfully legalized hemp in the U.S. where he began in KY (2014) then successfully spearheaded the design and implementation of both WV (2015) and NC (2017) industrial hemp pilot programs.  His most recent work in his home town of Winston Salem is being co-developed in collaboration with the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities and is poised to become a national model mid-2020.