Institutional Partner

The Innovation Collaborative

Contact: Lucinda Presley

The Innovation Collaborative is a Washington, CD-based national collaboration of representatives from leading arts, science, humanities and higher education institutions. Membership includes representatives from: national Art Educators Association, National Association of Gifted Children, National Science Teachers Association, Americans for the Arts, Association of Science-Technology Museums, The Exploratorium, Young Adult Library Services Association, Drexel University, Michigan State University, and the University of Texas at Dallas.
The Collaborative serves as a US national forum to foster creativity, innovation, and lifelong learning. It identifies and disseminates information about the many ways that effective integration of the arts, sciences, humanities, engineering, and the use of technology reinforces teaching and incorporates lifelong learning in both in-school (formal) and out-of-school (informal) settings. The goals underpinning all Collaborative work are:

  • Researching the various uses interfaces of the arts, sciences and humanities in K-12 and informal learning
  • Developing a toolkit of best practices at these intersections
  • Communicating the important possibilities of these intersections
  • Convening leading researchers in the fields of the arts, sciences, humanities, formal and informal learning, and cognition to support the Collaborative‚Äôs mission and to inform the public