Academic Partner

University of Texas at Dallas, Center for BrainHealth

Contact: Sandra Bond Chapman

The Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas is a scientific research institute committed to understanding, protecting, healing, and enhancing the brain.

With more than 60 fully funded research projects, scientific exploration at the Center for BrainHealth® is leading edge, innovative, improving lives today and translating groundbreaking discoveries into practical clinical application.
Since its founding in 1999 by Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., the Center for BrainHealth® has made exceptional progress in brain research areas of health, injury, and disease.

With support of UT System, UT Dallas and private philanthropy, the Center launched the Brain Performance Institute™ in 2013 to make these discoveries available to the public.

By delivering science-based innovations that enhance how people think, work, and live, the Center and its Brain Performance Institute™ are raising awareness about the importance of brain health at every age and optimizing the way individuals think about and care for their brains.